17 May 2011

more journal peeks...

Hello friends :)  This morning I am up super early for our school annual volunteer breakfast.  I was in charge of creating the center pieces this year so I needed to get all of the tables set before everyone gets here!  I had a second grade class help with the centerpieces and I think that they turned out pretty cute :)

They are filled with Hershey's hugs and kisses.
Getting to school early also allowed me to scan in some more of my recent journal pages. Some of these are from Ink Blots but most are just random everyday pages that I have been doing :) 

(I realized that I shared this one the other day without it being finished so I just wanted to show it again, completed.)

(I saw these custom stamps on Becky's blog and had to have one myself.  Plus I had to have a Catalina stamp too :D They are from the amazingly talented Kozue.)
Alright, I am off to mingle with parents, volunteers, students, and donuts!
Have a great Tuesday!!


  1. Super cute pages and I LOVE your new stamp! :)

  2. love the centerpieces!

  3. Gosh...love ur stamp. Pages are fab too.

  4. Anonymous22 May, 2011

    Love the centerpieces, very cute and very creative!


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