09 May 2011

a mili...

Well hello there and Happy Monday (evening).
Today's Mili Monday edition is brought to you by "Etsy's front page."  I love when I go to etsy and literally fall in love with everything on their front page.  I'm not even sure what the theme was supposed to be but it works because  I love it. 
Here are my top 5 faves:

1.  This tropical colored wooden bunting...yes please!

2.  These lovely earrings.  I am a fan of storms so these would be great :)

3. I love this felt fox necklace :)

4.  a flowering stars postcard would be such a treat to find in my mailbox!

5.  I already have a dino one of these, but I seriously just LOVE this giraffe planter! so cute :)

Aren't they lovely! Oh and speaking of buying...I did score a little "mockingjay" lapel pin on Amazon 

with some of my left over garage sale money :)  

Happy Monday friends! I hope everyone had an awesome weekend and is geared up for the rest of the week :)


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  1. Isn't the series so good! I love it so much! :) I was sad when I'd finished. :( I love how you used hearts inside your lettering. So cute.


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