21 May 2011

artist love: Joanna Goss

I have been a fan of Joanna Goss for awhile now and I thought it was about time I showcased her amazing work here on le blog.
Her color pallete and designs are amazing and so inspiring to me.
Here are some of my favorite works from her:

So yeah, inspiration overload :)
There are so many works of hers that I love so you should definitely check her out!
I hope all of you had a lovely Saturday.

Mine consisted of:

* blueberry wheat pancakes and turkey bacon 
* Adele on vinyl
*  dinner date with the hubs
* watching the sunset over the lake 
* cold stone creamery
* and reading
It was pretty much perfection in my book :)

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  1. Anonymous21 May, 2011

    That sounds pretty amazing! :)

  2. Oh so pretty! I love the colours!

  3. Joanna is one of my best friends! i did an interview with her and her adorable boyfriend here.


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