31 May 2011

Prompt 1

Hello friends!
I am one of those people who can't stand waiting for something awesome so I HAD to post prompt one EARLY!!  The challenge starts now my friends :)

I am soooo excited to get my creativity flowing for this journal challenge!
The response from you all for this challenge was RIDICULOUS (in a great way of course).  There are over 120 people who have signed up so far!!

I had such a blast doing this last year and I know that this year it's going to be just as awesome.
We are going to rock this challenge.

Ok, so as I stated before, I will try my very hardest to have these journal prompts posted by 10:00 am CST or earlier, every morning.
 I like to do my journaling first thing in the morning so I feel motivated to be creative for the rest of the day :)
Are you ready?
Let's do this.
Here it is Prompt number one!!

Journal Prompt 1:  Create an introduction page.  This can be an introduction of yourself or of your journal.  This is kind of like the title page for your journal. 

My page:

So I just wanted a simple little introduction page that lets the reader know what this journal is going to be all about.
I wanted the sentiment to be simple and I loved the way it turned out :)

Don't forget to upload your journal page in the 
Flickr group and to post it on your blog as well!

I am so excited and I hope you are feeling really inspired to challenge yourself for the next 30 days :)



  1. Yes! I was hoping that you would do this early! I thought it was the first all day today-so this was needed badly! Can't wait to get right into it!

  2. I am so excited!!!!! I think I will let this stew overnight and begin in the morning...(or just wait half an hour until it becomes June 1 on the East Coast. ;) )

  3. Anonymous31 May, 2011

    I am soooooo excited! I already know what I am going to do, but I promised myself that I would wait until the 1st (tomorrow). I can't wait!!! Thank you for the fun prompt!!!

  4. Anonymous31 May, 2011

    A girl after my own heart. I was hoping you would post early. Now, I have to go find my pens and get started...

  5. I'm gonna jump in on this, too! Im feeling so lost in my new summer schedule and the huge lack of time for all things creative. But journaling is something I can easily do with two little boys running around. Im going to try and get them to do it with me, too! : ) Fun, huh?

  6. AWESOME. I am SO PUMPED about this! I just bought my journal and some pencil crayons this evening in preparation for tomorrow and I saw that you posted this just now!

    I'm going to be blogging my pages, I hope other participants are too, I'd love to have a peek into other's art styles!

  7. HAH! I kept checking all day cause I was SURE you would post it early. That and I forgot till about lunch time that it was 5/31 & NOT 6/1! :P but YEY!! thank you Janel!

  8. Anonymous31 May, 2011

    YAY!! I'm so excited I've been looking forward to this all weekend

  9. I've never done any journaling. :) Still, I'm going to participate because I need something great & creative to do to start my day ;) We'll see how it goes. :)

  10. YAY!!! :D
    I already posted mine on flickr and on my blog.

    I look forward to seeing everyone's pages. XD

  11. yay! i am sooo excited to join in. I'm a huge fan of art, crafts, scrapbooking, and i journaled all through highschool but since ive been a momma i've slacked on the journaling. im excited to have a reason to start up again and a way to share my pages with others!!!!!

  12. Anonymous01 June, 2011

    I kinda started early too but thankfully we had the same thing in mind.

    Here's mine:

  13. So excited! I went to Hobby Lobby and found the PERFECT journal...on sale! I just posted my photo on Flickr and am super excited to be a part of the challenge :)

  14. Anonymous01 June, 2011

    I loved doing this page! I already posted it on Flickr and on my blog( livimac.wordpress.com ) I can't wait till tomorrow's prompt!!!

  15. Eep! How exciting! I best get started!

  16. Yay! I posted mine on my blog as well as in the flickr group. I'm combining this challenge with a 30 days of doodles challenge, since they seem to go together so well!

  17. yay! I've got my photos up on my blog! :D


  18. Whoohoo! I posted it! :D

  19. 2 pages made and flickrd! Blogged tomrorow! Hurrah!

  20. So much fun! Blogged it


  21. Hey! I did your journal challenge last year and had THE MOST fun.. I was thinking to myself earlier that I'd like to do some more drawing and I've searched HIGH and LOW for your journal again - sneakily hidden in my favourites folder! I know I'm far too late to go along with you guys.. but that just means I can do more than one a day - nothing to complain about! :D Thank you for continuing with your challenge :) x

  22. is there any where the prompts are all listed?


Thank you so much for commenting!! xo