17 May 2011

summer color palettes...

Summer is just around the color.  In fact, it is only 9 days away for me!! I have been really inspired by summer colors lately.  I love the color palettes that I have seen.
Here are some lovely images from pintrest that I have chosen to show you the colors of my upcoming summer :)

I am super excited to get some new dresses in these colors and maybe some new accessories too!



  1. Ahhhhh love it! I love all the pastels and "celebration" colours this summer season!

  2. I am always wild about that bottom picture! i love those streamers.

  3. Anonymous18 May, 2011

    i'm so jealous that your summer is in 9 days. in canada we are lucky if we get one at all ! WAH WAH :(
    but~ these pics made me feel a bit summery, so today i am wearing a bright yellow dress to channel summer vibes for us!

  4. I love the fact that in the sentence "Summer is just around the color", you used the word "color" instead of "corner", whether purposeful or accidental.


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