01 January 2009

A Snowflake Shower!

While in Mass, Adam's lovely family surprised us by having a bridal shower!! It was soooooo stinkin cute! The theme was snowflakes (as you can see from the snippet I pulled from the Evite).
And it was hosted by two of my faovrite Mass sistas, Faith and Colie!

The decorations were absolutely gorgeous! (I am warning you now, there were so many good pics, so this will be a full blog post :D)

They even decorated KoKo's Christmas tree with snowflakes and beautiful J and M ornaments for Janel MacLean!

the food was all of my favorites, pasta, pasta, and more pasta, with the most amazing bread and salad ever. Colie even made home made pesto sause for my pasta because it's my favorite!!

Delicious!! Plus, a chocolate trifle to top it all off. I definitely ate waaaaay too much! So, Faith and Colie made everyone Snowflake candy bracelets (I got a necklace since I was the bride) and everytime someone said the word "love" they had to eat a piece of their bracelet. Well, needles to say, I lost that game by like a million because I loooooved everything. It is so hard for me not to say, looooooove it!!! Here are about a thousand pics of me and the overly generous gifts that we recieved. Notice that my tongue is ridiculously blue from all of the necklace that I had to eat :D

And here are just some fun random shots of all the beautiful women in Adam's family having fun:

Faith also did this hilarious game where she wrote down things that I said while opening presents and then after presents she read this little poem about Adam and I's wedding night and the things that I said while opening presents were the things that I said on our wedding night. I was DYING!! You can obviously tell from these pictures:

And then finally, the picture of everyone at the shower, Loooooove it!!

Seriously girls, this shower was amazing....so much fun....so much love :) My favorite kind of party :)!!


  1. i loved my wedding showers! we had FIVE (we invited over 450 people to our wedding though!) and I loved all of them!

    OH, and we are soulmates... i love felt (let's have a felt party one night and watch movies and hand sew felt!!! come over and play with me!) AND we have all Fiesta dishes too!!! love them!

  2. Looks like such a fun time. what wonderful friends and family you have.

  3. Janel, the Maclean shower looks like it was straight from thier hearts.What a lovely family. I esoecially loved the invitation. Tell Kate and Rick thankyou from us. You and Adamm be super safe on the road tomorrow. LOVE MOM


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