06 January 2009

The Engraving Question...

It is almost that time... Janel and I are getting the rings engraved with that little special something, and I am wracking my brain to try and figure out what to put! While it may look at times like I always know what to say, I am more of a 'shoot from the hip' kind of guy. Sometimes I get it right...sometimes not so much :)

Anyway, I am opening it up to comments - what do you think? Should I tell Janel ahead of time what I want to engrave just to make sure it's ok? I'm a little nervous. Help please!

My gut says it's fine and she will like it. Only till next month to find out! I can't wait! I love you Janel :)


  1. i say go with it; you love her and she loves you and if its from your heart it will be perfect... did you pray about it???

  2. My husband and I always used to say our relationship was like the "scenic route" b/c we dated forever, spent time in separate states, broke up and got back together, etc. Anyway, we each have "the scenic route" on our rings to remind us that it's ok to take the path less traveled and usually it ends up being more fun!

    Not sure if that helps! :)

  3. Go with your gut and you can't lose. Ask God to show you His confirmation and let it ride!!!
    Your love will make it "a word fitly spoken like apples of gold in settings of silver."

    Love you,

  4. I know the perfect thing.

    "My Dreamer; My Dream Come True."

  5. Personally I think it would mean the world to her if it where a surprise. Every girl like a surprise. This isn't just any surprise it a forever one and I think that is great that you have an opp. to do that.



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