07 January 2009

Pics from an old Post

Here are the pics from my family Christmas before I got my new camera :)
Here are the amazing gifts that Nicole made me for Christmas:

Two ceramic vases and Adam and I as Space Kids (my favorite!)
Here are two of the gifts I got Nicole:

A homemade sleep mask that I made :)
and an Elsie Print!
Here are two other cool presents from the night:

My new camera!!
and the beautiful pitcher that Nicole made my dad.
Here is a funny gift and a priceless face:

I am glad that I finally found my older camera and got these pics downloaded :)
Good night!

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  1. We do need to get together, I am so crazy working on the house and CERT and SAR meetings, I have no time for anything but laundry. I will see you Sunday though. Maybe after the shower we can put up that cool Bible verse.....


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