05 January 2009

Apparently, I'm a dreamer

Adam always says, "It's so cute how you are such a dreamer, Janel." I am not sure if that is a total compliment or not, but I will take as one :) I can't help it, I love peace, I love love, I love happiness...call me a dreamer if you must!
Well, speaking of dreaming, I found the coolest website ever called polyvore. You can make the coolest wishlists for anything. It literally pulls items from websites all over the world and allows you to make a little montage of things. I decided that for my New Year's Resolution of sorts, that I would fast from buying anything at all (except neccesties) until February 28. I think that will be pretty challenging but also very convicting and refreshing and good. I want to live more simply. Well, since I am not shopping, I am obviously falling in love with things I don't need, left and right! So, I created my little montage about things that I can't get but would love <3

Beautiful Things by jbarnholtz
Seriously, click on my little montage and then make one for your own. It is soooo cool and so fun and I think that I will go and play some more on their site!!
Here is another little montage that I created, you know, in case you wanted to have the "Janel Style." :D This is all about Janel today!

Untitled by jbarnholtz
Ok now, go and have fun! If you create one of your own for your blog, link it in the comment section so that I can check it out!
Happy dreaming!!


  1. I love that you're a dreamer babe :) It's one of your finest traits! I love you!!

  2. I can't figure out how to create...
    Thanks for hooking us up with a new Bible Study Blog, it is perfect, you are so creative!!!!

  3. SOOOO Fun; I love it! Us dreamers have to stick together heheh
    Check out my blog i made one too... :) Love you!

  4. Well, I have to say that I don't tend to be in the "dreamer" group, BUT I am married to one so I can FULLY appreciate it and LOVE that trait.(ok, sometimes I want to rip my hair out, but mostly I love it) If it weren't for our dreamers, the rest of us may never has any fun at all!! hehehe


  5. I too am a dreamer and there is no better way to go through life. I am sure we would hit it off if we were friends.

    Love the site. I will be playing with that soon.


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