13 January 2009

Obama Cakes <3

Omgoodness!!! I am soooooo using these free templates from Alpha Mom to celebrate the inauguration with delicious Obama cupcakes!! I'm not sure that it gets any better than that!!
I already printed out three copies of each template so that means I will be making a ton of cupcakes!! My students will definitely be happy because they will be the ones that I will be sharing them with!! I can not wait for January 20! I would do anything to go to D.C. for that but financially--NOT happening. Plus, I have already met Obama AND shook his hand AND got to talk to him, BFF status!!!!!

Yes, YES! that is ME right there behind Mr. Obama under the STL Arch. Barack Obama, how I love thee :)
So, print out some templates, eat some cupcakes, and enjoy the gift of voting and democracy :)


  1. oooh, maybe i will make them for my associates. CUTE !!! Thanks for sharing sis :)

  2. You are to funny what an awsome Idea. We liek change so change her we come. XOXO


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