24 January 2009

More lovely-ness

Wow, I have been searching and searching for some decoration ideas for my condo. Actually I am starting to say "our" condo because very shortly, Adam will be living here as well :)
For those who know me, you know that in the 7 (I think 7) years that I have lived here, I have redecorated the place many many many times. Not just a little moving around furniture redecoration, full blown, total change. I love change when it comes to my living space. If I get inspired, I want to change to what is inspiring me at that moment.
Well, usually, I go out, by paint, paint that night (I am an awesome painter by the way, I finish a whole room in under an hour most of the time), and then go right out and get the decor I want, and it is done lickity split! Well, I have had this gallon of paint sitting in my (our) bedroom for over a week now and have not been inspired or motivated enough to actually do anything about it. So, today I scoured Apartment Therapy Main for some inspiring decor pictures to get me in the mood for change :) So, here are some more things that I find incredibly beautiful and inspiring at the moment:

Omgoodness!! There are so many things that I want to change right now :) We definitely need a bigger space! I also found this quote which I thought was really cool and really appropriate for this post:

Love, Love, Lovely <3


  1. Beautiful! Love that quote!!! Great stuff! That bookcase is awesome...love how it's color-coordinated! :)

  2. So, what would you say your style is: modern? arts & crafts? neo-classic? other? a combination? Just curious.

  3. Let's paint that stinkin' bedroom this weekend! Or what!?


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