28 January 2009

Another Snow Day!

God is sooo good :)
Who doesn't love a snow day? The only thing better is two snow days. yesterday, was a great day to relax and work on some crafty projects that I enjoy.

Today, was all about business. Well, fun business. I decided to finally re-decorate my bedroom AND bathroom. I will not disclose all of the details because I want it to be a surprise for Adam when he sees it all this weekend. Here's a sneak peek!

(Just kidding Adam :D)
I feel like I accomplished a lot and it feels sooooo good. I also took some pictures of my favorite parts of "our" bedroom pre-makeover. I have yet to take any post-makeover because I was exhausted!!

After all my day of hard work, I had a nice peaceful, relaxing night of Bible Study :) I love this study on the book of Esther! Goodnight my lovelies. I am sure that I will have to wake up early tomorrow for school!


  1. Babe - I am 'over the moon' waiting to see what you did to our room :) I can't wait to see you...then my little stheeny girl...then the room :) Love you!

  2. I like the X idea...but that may lead to some discussion for visitors when they see it...but I htink it will look good! What color? Brown? What color did you do the walls? Pink? What are you doing tonight? I think i may come in...-B


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