21 January 2009

Pretty Things <3

While not being able to shop, I, of course, have stumbled onto so many beautiful and inspiring things. I thought that I would share some of them with you to give a little bit of inspiration to you as well:

*Joetta Maue has these beautiful embroidered and hand cut sentiments that you can purchase HERE. How lovely are they? The emroidery is done on vintage linens and the banners are cut our of cardstock and hung on satin ribbon...beautiful!

* Next, I am absolutely adoring these vinyl wall decals. I think my home will be filled with vinyl wall art :) Here is where you can buy these!

* Here is some more vinyl love from Elsie :) She is working with Vinyl Fruit to design some fabulous vinyl art (I already have some of these <3)

* Here are two pictures that I came across today, and fell in love with:

* I thought this was pretty awesome and most like pretty delicous as well. Zilly Rosen of ZILLYCAKES in Buffalo, NY, builds a likeness of presidential candidate Barack Obama using 1240 cupcakes.

* And speaking of Mr. Obama, I had some fun on This website making my own Obama inspired poster. love!

Hopefully, you feel a little bit of inspiration tonight. I am going to check out my class supply list for my Elsie and Rachel online class to get even more inspired now :)

How cute is this blog banner by Rachel?


  1. Hey girl!! Thanks for the inspiration... i am SOOO loving the decals, I neeeed to get some!
    Love you!

  2. You've got more talent and more taste for art in your little pinky than most of us have in our whole body!

  3. WOW all of this stuff is so awsome and pretty.

    Thanks for being the hunter and finding it all. ;)


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