26 January 2009

Another Bridal Shower :)

Oh my Oh my Oh my! Yesterday my wonderful BFF/Aunt threw Adam and I a bridal shower for our family, church friends.

(Love her!)
You guys, this shower was AMAZING!!! Adam was even invited to be part of the gift opening which was really special for the both of us.  I am glad that he was able to participate in and experience a Bridal Shower :)  It honestly (and I know that I have said this before) is so incredily overwhelming to have that many people that you love come to honor you. No words :) Here are just a few of the lovely women who came to celebrate with us:

So, there was Fitz's rootbeer at the shower so my pictures make it look like all my church ladies are boozin it up but they aren't :)
Adam and I recieved so many wonderful gifts from everyone but my favorite gift was a book that each woman wrote a special blessing or words of wisdom in for Adam and I.  That book is very special to us and I am definitely sure that we will be looking back in it all of the time :)  So neat. In fact, I may have seen a few tears watering up in a certain boy's eyes as they were being read :)
Yay!  Adam and I got his and her's sleeping bags for our one day cross country camping excursion:)
Camping lantern...
P.S. can I just give a shout-out to my aunt for her awesome creativity when it came to wrapping our gifts!!  Sooooo proud of her :)
Oh I am sooo excited about our coral themed bathroom decor.  I am starting to think that it looks a bit like blood shot eye balls though??
Man, he is so handsome <3 sigh!
A 7-man tent with an extra pet room for Catalina.  Thank you Grandma!
A new jack-o-lantern for my classroom :)  Seems out of season but I have one that says Barnholtz that I always put out and my students love so my mom's friend Jackie whipped up a MacLean one for us....so excited!
Rosemary put this cutie-pie boa in her gift so of course i had to wear it for the rest of the shower.
More "snappy" wrapping paper from my BFF :)
A few of the ladies at church got us the cooler we wanted and filled it with Diet Dr. Pepper and Aquafina!!  Our favorite!!
Apparently, I find silverware hysterical?
The shower was catered by Tornatore's and the food was AMAZING!  Ridiculously good.  I think I even had thirds!!  Now, what's even cooler was the cake with the one of Adam and I's engagement pictures on it (edible too!). 

 My aunt let Adam and I use the knife from her wedding cake to cut our shower cake...precious!

So, in conclusion, i want to thank everyone who helped making this shower as wonderful and special as it was. We are so blessed to have such amazing friends and family. Again, it is so overwhelming just to think about it....So blessed!

Just a little over a month left until I get to marry this guy!!


  1. is that my photo on a cake? awesome!

  2. Love the pics.....loved the shower....LOVE THE COUPLE!!!

    (BTW, what does >3 mean???)

  3. Hey babe - thanks for letting me sit next to you at the shower...you are my rock :)

  4. Jodie- YES!! Only the best pics go on cakes you know. Plus I gave your website to 5 people at the shower who loooooved the pics.
    Janet: Why are you so cute?? <3 is a heart...see :)
    Adam- no, you are my rock!

  5. I see it now....Thanks, Janel, for being my mentor in all things blog!

  6. Hey girly... loove the pics :) Love the pics with my bro!! i misssssssssss (times infiniti) you guys!
    the 1 and only - fabulous me


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