03 January 2009

Cookie Bonding <3

Adam's Mom taught me how to make real, roll out the dough, use cookie cutter, ice and sprinkle cookies!! It was so much fun and and a great bonding activity :) I can not wait to some day teach my children to do this :) What a blast. Apparently everyone loved them too because I am pretty sure that I baked about 40ish cookies, and they were gone in 15 minutes ! Big thanks to Faith for documenting this experience!

And as the girls were bonding over cookies, sprinkles, and new blog creating, it wasn't surprising that the brother were bonding over Guitar Hero and Rock Band!! Check out our little rock stars:

Later that day, we went to the mall and got professional family pictures taken together. I am excited to see the proofs and to post some of the really good ones. Adam definitely has a very good looking family :) More later!
As an update: Adam and I got back to St. Louis safely tonight. A huge thank you to everyones prayers for safe travels and good traveling weather!!! It was an amazing trip and I am already super missing everyone too much!!!

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  1. Dear Janel, great pics. Dad and I are leaving now for the 845 service. I need to pick you up at 11;15 TODAY. lOVE mOM


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