06 January 2009

Snow day!

Today we had a snow day....what a joke!!
My mom and I were out and about running errands by 10:00 on clear, clean, and non-icy streets :D
The best!
* We lunched at Bread Co.
* Used a gift card at Target to get Scrapbooking goodies and cookie cutters from the dollar spot
* Spent 36 cents (after all of the free coupons) at Archivers. (P.S. I had my mom spend the 36 cents so that I wouldn't cheat on my resolution!)
* Restrained myself from going to Starbucks to get a Pumpkin Spice Iced Frappucinno
* Picked up Adam's wedding ring from being engraved (Beautiful!)
* Registered for some more goodies at Bed Bath and Beyond
* Cuddled with Catalina
Now, I am getting ready to finish up days 28-31 in my December Daily Journal. I had so many fun things going on up in Mass that I kind of slacked on it a little. I will definitely finish it up today and I am excited. I think it turned out soooo cute.
P.S. I found out from a woman who works with me, that mine and Adam's engagement announcement was in the NC journal and the WC journal on December 31!! I missed it. Fortunately, the women had recognized me, cut it out, and gave me a copy. It's also a good thing that my mom went to the Newspaper office and oicked up a few extra so that I could send one to Adam and another to his parents!! I love my mom :D
Ok, off to get crafty and enjoy the rest of my unexpected little holiday :D


  1. Gotta love faux snow days ;(p)

    Would have been just a bit cooler if I had been there on a snow day too though!!

    Love you :)

  2. Love the post girly... we have snow/ice today but no snow days :( boohoo

  3. Can't wait to see the announcement!! and the cookie cutters that you bought. YAY! That was so much fun! I'll have to scoop the pictures and put them on my myspace page.

    Love you!!


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