08 January 2009


So, tonight as I was running to Arby's (gotta love the Market Fresh Sandwiches) (sooooo not on my diet) I was listening to a CD that Will (Adam's BIL) made us for our trip home from Mass. I made it through a few Linkin Park songs and then I got to "Blood to Bleed" by Rise Against. RIght then it hit me, I had de-ja-vu of driving with Adam. I have never missed a 28 hour road trip so much :( I just wanted to be in my car, in the passenger seat, listening to Adam scream his lungs singing this song covered in his new Patriots blanket and laying my head on my pillow. It is crazy how much I miss him when he is gone these days. I think that having him with me for 2 whole weeks is what has made this 4 days seem like eternity without him :(

Isn't he sooooo beautiful when he is pensive?!! I am so blessed :)
Dear March,
Come soon!
Find a job for my lovey in STL.
Bring him home to me ASAP.
Make sure he leaves all of his furniture in Kansas City though (lol)
except for his awesomely cool coffee table.
Thank you, in advance, for attending to this dilema post haste.
Dear Blog readers,
Please be praying that a new job will find him so that the transition to St. Louis can happen sooner rather than later.

P.S. He's coming to visit me tomorrow night :) AND, we get to start our "pre-marriage counseling" this weekend with Pastor Mark. We are both really excited about this too!!!


  1. I know the feeling; mark and i spent almost a year before we were married seperated and we had to rely on snail mail for communications! it made the times we actually got to see each other (x every 3 months) amazing but i missed every second of it! You guys can do this!!!! only 2 more months and your happily ever after will begin.

    Dear March - you better tend to Janel's dillema or you will have to deal with me :)


  2. Amem sisters! I come in agreement with all of your prayers.

    Dear March - If you think Faith is scary.....you DON'T want to deal with the mamma!! Come swiftly!



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