13 March 2012


This weekend I hosted TWO baby showers for my sister and little Jack. 
They were amazing :)

The theme was "shower" as in a rain shower:)
We made tissue paper clouds that hang all around with paint chip rain drops hanging from them.  It was so adorable.
All of the decorations were handmade, and I think that gave it more of a special touch for Nicole.

The best part of having two showers in one weekend was that we could just keep all of the shower decorations up for both days!!
My mom's amazing friend Jackie made all of the desserts for the parties.  We had cake pops, mini strawberry shortcakes, home made chocolate chip cookies, pecan cream cheese cupcakes and chocolate covered strawberries...yummy!!
oh my golly.

I feel as though I am kind of a cake pop connoisseur and I can be 100% honest in saying that these were the BEST cake pops I have ever had...hands down.

So, Saturday was more of a smaller shower with all of our close college friends, and some of Nicole's friends from work.  During this shower, I had a "onesie" making station set up so that everyone could make a cute onesie for Jack.
These turned out to be so fun and so cute.

It was the best time :)
Sunday was a HUGE shower with all of our family and close family friends. 
We skipped the craftiness for this one and focused more on presents and food (the important things right?)

I think this little one's face is a perfect picture of how full of love this day was for Nicole. 
 (Seriously, does it get any cuter than that?)
We are so blessed to be surrounded by so many amazing people who are willing to get together and celebrate us on these occasions.
Nicole, I hope you had the best two days ever.  You really deserve the best.
I love you muchly.
Oh and while we are talking about Jack and Nicole...how cute is his nursery?!


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  1. ummm yeah love the nursery! also the theme of the showers is super fun :)

  2. so cute! i like all the decorations too. what a great party theme idea.

  3. such good inspiration. im throwing my best friend a baby shower soon...and i needed some inspiration!!

  4. Just found your blog!! eeeeppp!! I love it!! Now following!!! :D


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