01 March 2012

Bike Love-Guest Blogger Vivs!

Hi! My name is Vivianna, but all my friends call me Vivs. I blog over at Oh Shoot, you should stop by and say hi.

I read somewhere that bicycling is a lifestyle choice. For me it was the best lifestyle choice I have ever made. If I don't ride my bike for a few days not only do I start feeling sad and I start to feel like something is missing from my day. 

Today, I want to share with you a few bike blogs and photos. I even have a playlist for you to listen to while you ride your bike. (Please do not ride your bike with headphones on because it is not safe. Use your iPod and some speakers to play music while ridding your bike. You could even listen the old school way by burning a CD and playing it on a boombox.)

I am not just into riding my bike, but I love reading other blogs about girls who love riding bikes too. I thought I would share a few of the blogs that I have come across over the past few months.

Here is an AMAZING playlist to listen to while you are ridding your bike. My lovely friend Andrea from Andrea Inspired made this playlist and she has a lot more GREAT playlists that you should check out.


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  1. great bike photos. i'm suddenly thinking of the movie now & then. i didn't know their were so many bike blogs. i like the 1st two songs on the mix, but it won't let me skip to hear the rest.


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