28 March 2012

a bee-utiful day.

As I mentioned before, my sister threw Amelia and I a shower of sorts to welcome her to our family!!
Baby Showers are so much better when the baby is actually able to be present at it!
It was nice having Amelia there with me and she was definitely the center of attention.
The theme was "Bee for Baby."

All of the little details around the room are what made this party so incredibly lovely.  

Can we just talk about the desserts for a minute??  My mom's friend Jackie (who made all of the desserts for my sister's baby shower) rocked it again with the food.
The cake pops were bees and bee hives!

There were also mini strawberry shortcakes, lemon bars, bee-striped sugar cookie, and chocolate chip cookies.

And we cannot forget the yellow and black chocolate covered strawberries!! 

There were so many friends and family members who came out to meet Amelia and shower her with love and goodies.

This is my "mom" pose :)
Instead of bringing a card with the gift, the guests were asked to bring a book to add to Amelia's ever growing little library.  It was amazing!!  She has soooo many great books.  Plus, she already loves being read to.

The party was great, and I was so happy that everyone was able to finally meet Amelia and she how amazing she is!!  She is so loved by so many people and she literally smiled almost the whole time.  You can tell that she felt all of the love that she was receiving.
A huge thanks to Nicole, and my mom and everyone else who put so much work into this day for Amelia.  These are the memories that I am sure she will always treasure.


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  1. the food & decor look excellent! you are well loved. :)

  2. Awww that's such an adorable theme and all the details are so sweet! Can't wait til we are able to meet Miss Amelia! What a loved and blessed baby.

  3. Bee-autiful indeed!

    I bet Amelia would have enjoyed it a lot!

  4. Bee-autiful indeed!

    I bet Amelia would have enjoyed it a lot!

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  5. What an adorable shower!!! So much love indeed!


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