03 March 2012


Dear Run With Scissors Readers,
Hi there :)
  It's me, Amelia!!!
I just wanted to pop in and tell you all that I love you all so much.
I also wanted to thank all of you for your love and support of my little family during my  process. 
I am home from the hospital now and I am in love with my new house and especially my new room!!
Catalina and I are already best friends.  
She likes to sleep right next to my bassinet.  She takes good care of me.
My mommy and daddy take such great care of me too!!  They love that I am such a good eater and sleeper and snuggler.
I love snuggling with them.
They also like to give me lots of kisses on my chubby cheeks :)
In fact, I can't wait until I can show my face around here because word is...I'm pretty much the cutest baby out there.
When it's time, there will be lots of photos to share.  
My mommy and daddy are snapping photos ALL OF THE TIME.
Alright, it's time for me to eat again so I better sign out.
I love you!!

P.S.  My mommy wanted me to tell you that she will have my birth story posted sometime early next week!  She has been so busy loving on me :)

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  1. YAY!!! I have been on pins and needles waiting for the good news. Can't wait to hear about all of the details. Happy Weekend, and Welcome Home Amelia!

  2. BEAUTIFUL!! I can't wait to see her little face.

  3. Well hello Amelia! So nice to finally meet you. Welcome HOME to your forever family! :)

  4. Yay! Welcome sweet Amelia!!

  5. It's hard to have words to express what I would like to say to your family. I am on the brink of tears, with so much excitement! You and your husband are now parents. Like, for real! You have a baby! You've waited all this time and now you have a little peanut to take care of, one who will smile SO BIG at you, and call you "Mommy". Your story is beautiful, and I am thrilled to say that I will be sticking around to read as everything unfolds. Amongst all of the adjustments, may you never forget how RICHLY God has blessed you with this sweet baby girl! Once again, I'm so excited for you, Janel. Welcome home, baby Amelia!

  6. Sooooooo happy for you!!!

  7. so wonderful! yayayayay! Look at those sweet little legs.

  8. congats! i 'm so happy for you guys! reading your story and experiencing it with you guys though your blog gives me hope that when i'm ready to adopt and trusting in God every thing will work out. so thanks and congrats again

  9. congrats!!! i am so happy everything worked out for you!!!

  10. This was absolutely adorable and I'm so, so glad that your baby girl is home with you! Congratulations!!

  11. Amelia, you are so cherished and loved already. We are excited to welcome you! Your parents are wonderful....they will take such great care of you.

  12. Congrats Janel!!! I am so excited for you!!! What an incredible journey!
    Can't wait to see many more posts!
    XOXO~ Tiffany

  13. Congratulations! Since the 48 hours have passed does this mean everything is clear and official?

    -Pamela, InspiredByFelicity.blogspot.com

  14. so happy to see her chubby little legs :) I wish you all the best Janel and Adam! welcome Amelia!

  15. Congratulations!! So happy for you!

  16. So incredibly happy for you and your new addition!!!! Loving those booties!

  17. Ahhhh Janel, this post made me SO happy!! The first blog I checked when I got back from vacation was yours...I wanted to see how everything went with Amelia!! Can't wait to see her little face...don't make us wait too long, we're dying to meet her!


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