17 March 2012

as of late.

1.  I am still doing Project Life, and loving it tremendously, but I can't share my pages with you right now.  They will come though :)

2.  Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day!! Yay!!
This is one of the first years I have actually been home for the holiday.  Adam and I got married on a cruise during the week of St. Patrick's Day, three years ago, so we were actually in Belize on the 17th and then for 3 straight years prior to that I was on mission trips to Reynosa, Mexico.  The year before that, I went on a trip to Louisianna and Mississippi to help out with the Hurricane Katrina Relief.  

3.  Adam's parents are in town!! Yay!!  They are spending the weekend in St. Louis with us and we could not be more excited.  We love them so much and are so blessed to have this time with them.

4.  It has been in the 90's this week.  It's crazy and I am totally ok with that.

5.  I started sewing a pillow case dollhouse this week.  I need to take photos.

6.  The Hunger Games is coming out next week!!!!!!! Oh my golly!!!

7.  Also, Mad Men comes back next week.

8.  This week has been so lovely.  Adam and I have taken lots of walks, read a lot of books and sung a lot of goofy songs together. It is so nice being off together.

9.  School is seriously almost over for the year.  I can't believe it at all.  It seems like April and May just zoom by and I can't wait for the summer.  Can.not.wait.

10.  Next month, I am offering free ad spaces in honor of my 32nd birthday!!!  I will accept ads until the end of this weekend so if you are interested, email me :)

love you!

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  1. Glad to hear things are going well! I was beginning to get a little anxious for you... wondering if Amelia was still with you. I kept telling myself it's just that it's still confidential and private!
    Do you have a time frame for when you can share more?

  2. I've been thinking about you a lot and wondering the same thing! I check back constantly hoping for some happy updates!


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