09 March 2012

the classics

In this house, we believe it is never too early to start reading :)  Especially when it comes to reading the classics.
 Not only is the idea of these books fantastic, the illustrations are absolutely lovely.
Take a look for yourself:

Jane Eyre: A Counting Book

Alice in Wonderland: A Book of Colors

Pride and Prejudice:  A Counting Book

Romeo and Juliet:  A Counting Book

We also love the fact that they are nice, sturdy board books.    If you have a little one and you love reading, these books are definitely something to look in to!!

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  1. These are marvellous!! x

  2. This is so funny! I just got the pride and prejudice one in the mail today and I am OBSESSED

  3. Love love LOVE these books -- I pre-ordered the Jane Eyre book and it should be here on Monday!! Cannot wait (even though my daughter is only 2 months old!).

  4. These are so sweet! What a fantastic idea!

  5. Those illustrations are to die for! Putting them on my baby registry now!

  6. ok, these are amazing!!! im so glad you shared!


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