12 March 2012

Things I Want to Make...

You may not know this but at one time, I was quite the tennis player :) I can now bring two of my loves together with this adorable project.

I love this for my classroom door because I do a lot with recycled art, and especially magazines.

I love this rug, like a LOT!

My friend Sarah made one of these pillows at our Pinterest Party and I LOVED it!!  I already have everything that I need to make it, I now just need to do it!!

And I love cacti but I love a crocheted one even more!!  I want to try to make something like this for sure :)

I will be sure to document all of these projects as I do them, if I do them when I do them.
I am excited to get back into craft mode!!


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  1. The pillow is awesome! I need to try something like that.


  2. cool font on your post title!


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