25 December 2011

like a bandit.

So, although this little one has yet to make an appearance, or even give us any type of timeline, she sure made out like a bandit this Christmas!!
Out of everyone in our little family, the soon to be, scored the most gifts.


Adam made an hour trip to the Eric Carle Museum while he was in Massachusetts to score tons of Eric Carle goodies for the baby (and me).  He is so sweet for surprising me with that :)  He knows that Eric Carle is my fave.  My aunt and uncle made us the A-frame tent for a little reading nook in the nursery. (project #9 is the fabric cover for it and now that I have it, I can finish taking photos of it all together to post tomorrow).

We had such a wonderful Christmas with our wonderful family.
We are blessed.

Dear Baby,
As you can see, we think about you and wish for you every single day.  I hope that you are feeling all of our blessings pouring over you wherever you are.
We love you,

Dear CHS,
We are soooo ready for The call.

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  1. Glad you had a wonderful Christmas. Can't wait to see what the new year brings....a baby for your family in 2012!!!

  2. Glad you had a wonderful holiday! :)

  3. i just cannot get over how amazing you are...your entire family and you and adam, how much time and effort you have both put into making the family of your dreams happen. i have good feelings for you guys for 2012. i hope this is the year you finally bring home your baby girl!! i know i'll be shedding tears of joy when you post that first photo of her...

  4. a lot much time you spent for all this,cheer up for you holidays.

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