12 December 2011

Project #1

So for day one of my "making" challenge, I decided to tackle a little DIY present for my aunt (who I hope won't read my blog until after Christmas...)
I used one of my old vintage cameras from the collection, and turned it into a photo frame.  I guess technically you could use it as any sort of paper holder :)
Camera + cut metal hanger + blow torch = adorable and easy DIY frame!
I am super excited to give this to her this year.

Also, I am not sure you can see the photo very well but it's my aunt as a baby, with the creepiest baby doll in the world :)  It's so creepy that I secretly LOVE it!!
Yay for Day 1!! I already feel better.


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  1. What a wonderful idea :). I'm sure that your Aunt will love it!


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