07 December 2011

Faith Ringgold...

As I have mentioned before, I was chosen to attend a quilt workshop with THE Faith Ringgold, story quilt extraordinaire.  I have finally got some photos from the workshop, and although I talked about it before on here, I wanted to document the memory for my own sake :)
Faith Ringgold is the author and illustrator of many award winning children's books like:

 As a second grade teacher and now art teacher, I have loved using her books in my classroom.
She is amazing.
So, obviously, when I was presented with an opportunity to create a quilt with her, I jumped on the chance :)  (read: screaming at the top of my lungs and doing a little dance)
Another cool thing, was that many of the other art teachers in my district were chosen as well.  
Here are some photos from the day:

She even took time out to sign any books that we had brought :) 

They finished the quilt and it is now hanging up in The Foundry, an art gallery here in St. Louis. 

 It was such an amazing day and I will treasure these photos and my memories of it.
Thank you for let me share :)
AND, I found out that I was in a magazine from that day as well.  One of the teachers brought me in a copy!  So stoked.


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  1. YOU ARE SO LUCKY! I am now 24 but when I was in fourth grade my favorite teacher took us to a lecture to meet her and it is one of the best childhood memories I have. She is so inspiring and amazing. I will treasure her autograph forever. Thanks for making me relive my childhood this morning :)

  2. I really love her Tar Beach. Lucky you to get to meet her.

  3. What a wonderful experience! :)

    I got to meet Madeleine L'Engle one time and that was a cool experience. Her books touched me so deeply.

  4. i'm getting choked up looking at these photographs. for faith is truly beautiful!


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