24 December 2011

Project #10

I didn't forget Project #9, I just haven't finished editing those photos yet and since they are late anyway, I felt I should go ahead and post 10.
So, project #10 may be my favorite one :)
My parent's and I spent a day looking through my grandpa's old photos a couple of weeks ago.  I found so many great vintage Christmas photos and knew that I wanted to incorporate them into my Christmas decor this year.

I affixed some of my sparkle deer to clothes pins, hung up a crocheted garland and clipped on the photos. 

I adore this little display and I am sure a lot of people will enjoy seeing themselves on there, as children, when they come over tonight for Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas Eve ya'll.
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  1. How adorable!! I just love all of the amazing vintage touches in your home. Merry and blessed Christmas to you and your hubby! =)

  2. I absolutely love this project, one of my favorites in a long time & esp love that you used old family pics- so sweet. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!



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