29 December 2011

new blog design!

I thought it was only appropriate to start a brand new year with a fresh new blog design.
What do you think?

I, for one, am in love with it :)
I have seen so many blog banners that I love and then when I really started checking them out, I realized that they were all created by the same lovely girl!
So, I found her blog.
Checked out her shop.
and fell in love.
$25 dollars later, my blog is perfection.
Contact her, get a fresh start with your blog this 2012.  Tell her I sent you :)
She also has a ton of cute FREE "blog bling" downloads too.
Seriously she rocks!

Love love love,
Thank you Jess.

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  1. Awesome ... And so cheap!

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE! Was so stoked to put your new blog button on my blog :)

  3. Love the new blog Janel. I checked her blog and couldn't find an email. How do I contact her? I'm interested in changing my blog.


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