04 December 2011

Holiday Project Roundup

I have seen so many cute things that I want to make this holiday season all over the web.
Tons of cute wrapping ideas, DIY decor projects, hand-made gifts...they are everywhere!
I thought I would put a little list together of some of my favorite projects thus far...

1.  I have already printed these holiday gift-tags and used them on my gifts.  Click on the link for even more :)

2.  Every year, Adam and I spend one night cutting paper snowflakes to decorate our walls and windows :)  I love this site with all of the cute templates.

3.  Holiday tags. buntings, cards, and so many more printables for the season right HERE!

4.  I adore this vintage inspired holiday wreath!  

5.  This looks easy and Adorable!! Love them.

6.  This frame idea is adorable!  I am thinking about making something like this with vintage flash cards and polaroids for the nursery.

7.  This live tree is amazing and soooo something that I would do if we ever have a live tree :)

8.  This post has tons of cute ornament DIYs!  I love them all and I wish I had the time to make all of them!

9.  I love little Putz inspired Christmas villages and here is a little DIY you can do to create your own :)

10.  And these will be getting made this week.  I love them so much!

So much inspiration around there and it's always nice to have it all in one place :)
Are there any cool projects that you are doing this year that you could link us to?
Have a blessed day!!


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  1. This just decided what I will be doing all afternoon today. Is there anything better than crafting on a cold, rainy Sunday?



  2. omggg! i love everything about this post!

    christmasssss, i love you.

    i want to make a frame with little pictures like that, too cute!


  3. soo much inspiration! Thanks for sharing!


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