11 December 2011

a challenge

One challenge I am facing these days is my lack of motivation to create.  Don't get me wrong, thanks to Pinterest, I am on inspiration overload!!
Moving all of my art stuff out of the nursery and putting it into storage has been a hinderance for my creative drive totally.

I still have some supplies, and seriously, the storage unit is like 3 minutes from our home, so I really shouldn't have all of these excuses right?

To get myself out of this rut, I am challenging myself to create a new project every single day for the next ten days. "10 Days of Making."  
I will also be posting all of my creations on the le blog each night to share :)

On a side note: My DSLR has been broken since August :(  I told Adam that all I want for Christmas is for it to be fixed.  I feel like I am less likely to do DIY's and cute stuff when I don't have my camera to photograph with.  I also feel like my blog has lacked a little bit with only posting iPhone photos too :)  So yeah, this project is also going to motivate me to get my camera fixed.  

I am so excited to get this creative party started!!
Be excited for a fun week :)  I also have two really rad giveaways coming this week!
Check back.
Alright, I am off to dig out tooooons of supplies.


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  1. Sounds amazing :). I, too find all sorts of inspiration on Pinterest but find myself not creating anything!

  2. A challenge is a great idea to stay motivated!! Good luck!

  3. We all need a little motivation from time to time. Now it's a great opportunity! I've been pinning like crazy on Pinterest all kinds of different creative ideas and I'm feeling that I'm running out of time to make all of them. I can't wait to see your ideas! :-)


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