17 December 2011

Project #6

I had all intention to make a cute book tonight with photos of everyone in our family with their names for the baby.  I even got it started see...

But then, the opportunity to hang out with my dad presented itself :)
  I was at my parent's house tonight when my dad came in and told me that he had his telescope out and that you could see Jupiter and it's moons really cleary tonight! 
I am a TOTAL stargazer thanks to my dad and his telescope.  We spent many nights looking at the stars and planets and him teaching me about nebulas and constellations.  
Clearly I was excited, and decided to do some "Planet Gazing" instead of book making.

We saw so many cool things and my dad showed me how to play with the F stop and ISO of my camera to get some pretty shots of the stars.  Living in St. Louis, doesn't really allow beautiful starry skies (too many lights) so it was cool to capture what we did.
In no way am I a professional photographer, AT ALL, and I know these photos aren't the greatest.  To me though, they are perfection and a captured memory of a night hanging out with my dad.
I learned a lot about my camera!! It does so much more than I ever knew it did!  
Oh and here are some shots of Jupiter...

The coolest thing about it is if everyone goes outside and looks for the brightest "star" in the sky, we would all be looking at Jupiter no matter where we live.
This next one I took with my iPhone, shooting through a pair of binoculars :)  It's really cool though because you can see the moons of Jupiter and I captured the Dopplar Effect too!

I'll have to finish my little book project another night.  Tonight's project was all about learning new photography tricks and spending great time with my dad in the backyard, with a telescope, camera, and binoculars.
good times.


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  1. In other words, you were living a perfect night ... you can get the memories down later.

  2. janel, making memories with your dad is always the winning choice! lucky girl.

  3. I love this post. I'm such a space nut too. Seeing those images of Jupiter and its moons is really cool!

  4. these pictures are amazing! i can't believe that was jupiter!


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