15 December 2011

Project #4

I'm sure you have seen something along these lines over on Pinterest right? I loved this project the first time I had saw it and knew that I had to make my honey a Massachusetts...

300 nails and three different paint colors...I love it.
More importantly, he loves it.

The heart is where his city, Worcester, is.  He loves Massachusetts so much and all of his family up there.  I love to make little Massachusetts projects for our house.  They are a lovely symbol of our amazing family up there.  

I'm super jealous that Adam gets to fly up there in a couple of days to spend a week with them while I'm at work!
Dear Massachusetts, 
I miss you.
Love, me

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  1. LOVE IT!!! I have the pinterest one on my board, but thought it would be hard to do. Now, I'm inspired to try to make one of Spain. :)

  2. I lurve this so much. Sigh. Making one now too.

  3. you have been very productive nail creating, painting, sewing, my oh my!

  4. Oh, wow! This seems like A LOT of work but it's amazing! Well done! :-)


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