16 December 2011

Project #5

I didn't get home until 9:00 tonight.
Adam and I are both feeling sick.
Date night got cancelled.
Adam leaves tomorrow for 7 days and still hasn't packed.
We have soooooo much laundry to do.
Needless to say, a crafty project was the last thing on my mind tonight.
I thought about just skipping it or even posting a project I had done before.
Then I realized that I would only be cheating myself and that is NOT how I roll.
Thus...project number five was created

I have had this stash of vintage teeny tiny plastic deer for awhile and was never sure what to do with them.  They are too cute, and I wanted to find the perfect project for them.

I had seen this post awhile back and for some reason it popped into my head tonight and it was perfect!
I busted out my materials...

and got busy painting ( I didn't have any glue so I used my sparkly gold paint for adhesive) and dipped my little deer in the glitter!

That last photo is a reference photo, so that you can see how cute and tiny these deer really are!!

Oh my gosh I love them so much!!

I think I'm either going to make:
1. cute festive hair pins
2. a little garland of these
3.  use them on my gift tags
4.  or all of the above.
I painted a ton so I am sure I can use them for more than one thing.
Also I want it noted, for future reference, doing this little project made me feel a lot better.  Plus, what else is there to do while the laundry is cycling through?

Good night friends.

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  1. Super cute! Send one my way?

  2. oh my goodness...sparkly cuteness! Love it! Hope you two are feeling much better!

  3. so cute janel!!
    yes you should do all those things with them!! anything covered in glitter is a-okay in my books!

  4. So cute! Where did you find those little deer?


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