27 November 2011

waiting for the ring

All I can think about these days, is getting "THE phone call."
I didn't really think I would obsess about it, but yeah, I am.
A healthy obsession though.  Like I don't drive myself crazy about it but I am now answering every call I get instead of screening any unknown numbers.  Like if I see a
number from Ohio, I assume our case worker is on vacation in Ohio, so I answer it.  If I see a 1-800 number, she may be calling me from a Snuggie factory.
So, in honor of "watching my phone like a hawk," I thought I would do a little post, featuring lovely iPhone cases that would make my constant watch, more aesthetically pleasing...

1.  I am, and always will be, a fan of bling.  The gaudier the better in my book.  This gold, glitzy case from JCrew is tops in my book.

2.  I love all things crafty and original so I love love love this DIY cross stitch case.

3.  This print makes my heart go pitter patter just looking at looking at it.  It's probably one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen really.

4.  Instagram iPhone case?  Yes please.

5.  Finally, this is my current iPhone case.  It costs a whole whopping $3.00 on Amazon and it makes me smile every time I see it.  I know it's a bear but I like to pretend it's a chihuahua.  Also, if you work at an elementary school, you will be an instant hit :)

So, pray for the phone to ring with good news of a little baby needing a loving family. OK?
It's all I want for Christmas!!!


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  1. i hope it does ring, telling you the news, of the little one, you've been waiting for. i rather like the teddy bear phone case, but then again, look at my name.

  2. Reminds me of the Friends episode when they get "the call" at Thanksgiving :) So exciting, continually praying for you, new friend! :)

  3. cute phone cover!
    I'm praying you will get the call any day now.

  4. i want that GOLD case!!!! MUST HAVE! eeeeeeek

  5. Visiting from follower's fest! love your blog...i WANT these cases (every. last. one)! I hope you get a call. You seem like you'd have a very loving home!

    Come visit me at simplybold dot blogspot dot com

    much love, Kristina


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