30 November 2011


1. I made a cute photo to put into our Christmas cards this year with Instagrams.  

2.  I like the "love" stamps more than the "Holiday" stamps this year.

3.  Presents are all wrapped and taking over our living room (we have all of my parent's presents at our house too)

4.  Baby fever is consuming all of my thoughts.

5.  We took a  little re-upholstery hiatus until the foam went on sale at JoAnn's and I will hopefully be finishing up the chair this weekend :)

6. Our quilt that we made with Faith Ringgold is hanging at a local gallery and I got to see it finished yesterday.

It's Wednesday!  I get to hang with my sister tonight.  
life is good :)

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  1. The quilt is awesome... and I love the Love stamps too! I kind of hate to use them on bills!

  2. love the quilt!

  3. Love the quilt and all your photos. The card is awesome.

  4. Just have to say...I'm sending your swap gifty tomorrow and I'm soooo excited. I hope you like it! :)



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