04 November 2011

rockabye baby

                                 Today, I listened to the most amazing thing...
 Have you heard of this series yet?  
Rockabye Baby sent me over the lullaby renditions CD of Van Halen today.

"If your little one won't sleep the night away, try these sweet and soothing renditions of Van Halen's raging rock classics.  The cradle will rock, just softly this time."
After listening to the entire CD while cleaning I have decided that it is:
1. so incredibly relaxing
2.  so perfect for a trendy baby (or any baby/adult/anyone)
3.  so going to be played A LOT over here :)

This company has taken the music that we LOVE and transformed it into a lullaby rendition, which makes me so happy!!
I have already been on their website multiple times tonight listening to some of the other bands that are available.
Here are some of my favorites:

 And yes, these have ALL been added to my baby registry!!  
Plus, you know it's good when Ellen loves it right?
This is definitely a product that works, and is rad, and will be used with our baby.
Music is a huge part of my life and Adam's and it feels good to know that we can bring our baby up with good music in a way that makes them happy :)
You can check them outon Facebook, and on twitter too.
Now, go buy some music!!

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  1. i heard about them when i was pregnant with my oldest son, who is four now. their NIN was the only thing that would calm him as a newborn. :)

    i really love how all the booklets have the paper dolls and a recipe. :)

  2. The Beatles version is a favorite in our home and has probably been played a few hundred times!

  3. If you haven't herd, the Johnny Cash ones are amazing. Dakota loved them!

  4. Someone gifted the Weezer CD to us at my baby shower, and now I swear by it. I need to buy some more. Honestly, one of the only "baby" music CDs that doesn't drive me insane.

  5. these sound so cool. never heard of them. cant wait to check them out.

  6. OMG these are awesome! I'm putting them on the gift list for several of my friends, whenever they have babies...

  7. kenya west version of rockabye baby is one of my all time favorites!


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