24 November 2011

Sponsor Spotlight!

Say a big hello to my amazing November Sponsors!!  Their blogs and shops are so adorable and fun.  Take some time today to search through the links below :)


and "Being Mama" also has a giveaway going on over at her blog so go check that out as well!!
"I am so excited to be doing my first ever give-away on my blog!  I am giving away a box of 6 beautifully designed hand-made Christmas cards.  These cards will not be selling anywhere until next year so they are currently a one-of-a-kind design and I’m so happy to be offering them to one person this week.  Head over to my blog to enter."

 Olive Bugalow is also offering a coupon to Run With Scissors readers through Monday for 15% off any purchase and free shipping on orders over $75.  The coupon code for you is "rws15."  

Yay!! Enjoy all of the inspiration and the wonderful deals this month!!!!  December ad spaces are already filling up so be sure to email me if you are interested!!! Thanks so much!!

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