10 November 2011

to do

Last night and tonight have been filled with Parent Teacher Conferences over here.
I am working 12 hour days which means that when I get home at night, I am exhausted.  Last night I was fortunate that my sister came up to my school to hang out with me and make pretty stuff.
She's the best.
Tonight will be spent cleaning the art room..fun!
The best part of parent/teacher conferences is that we get Friday off!
This weekend will be full of so much fun and I can't wait for it all to get here.
I was chosen out of a pool of Missouri art educators as 1 of 25 people to get to have a private quilting work shop with Faith Ringgold!!!!
For those of you who don't know, Faith Ringgold is an AMAZING children's book author and illustrator.  My personal favorite book of her's is Tar Beach :)

So yeah, I am pretty much so stoked on that :)  A few other art teachers from my district were also chosen and I always have a blast with them so EEEEK! I can't wait.
Saturday is going to be so much fun celebrating my mom's birthday with her! 
Also this weekend I am going to take a few more things to our storage unit and really work hard in the nursery to get it going.
Next Wednesday we have a home visit with the Adoption Agency and I want everything to be PERFECT!!
Did I mention I already have my Christmas tree up? :D 
So yeah, I need to do some holiday shopping this weekend so my tree doesn't look so bare underneath.
Also, Adam's birthday is next week and then the following week, his parents are coming to visit!!!
November is such a full and exciting month!!
I can't wait to share it all with you :) 

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  1. Wow that sounds exhausting! Ill have to look up about that childrens book author b/c I'm always looking for new bedtime stories for the little one.


  2. One of my best friends is an art teacher in MO!!! How crazy! I think art teachers are the best!

  3. hang in there girly. those are long days! your hair looks absolutely fantastic as well :)

  4. great photo of you janel! what an wonderful artist educator opportunity, & other fun adventures in your future.

  5. Don't stress about the home visit! It will go great!

    Also, your hair is amazing.

  6. you all are awesome!! Thanks! xo


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