01 November 2011

Happy November

Well hello there November.
I can't believe how fast this year has flown by!
This is going to be a busy month full of wonderful things.
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This also means that Christmas is right around the corner!
I can not wait for the Holiday Season.
Usually I start busting out the decorations right after Halloween but Adam and I are in the process of clearing out a lot of our clutter to put into a storage area.
Right now our home is full of boxes!
I need to focus my attention on redecorating our living room space and the nursery right now.
This year I may actually have to be "normal" and wait until after Thanksgiving for Christmas decorations!
I am on the hunt for some LARGE art prints for our living room to go above the television. Any ideas?


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  1. Love that feather!!
    Anything artistic you pick will be fabulous!


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