09 November 2011

Happy Birthday Mom...

I just wanted to give a birthday shout out to my mom :)
She's my: mom, best friend, and role model.

She's pretty much the most amazing woman around.
Here are a few things that come to mind when I think about her 
(some of these, only she will understand):
*  strength
*  love
* faith
*  beauty inside and out
*  "Dusty's pens"
*  Good Morning, Good MORNING!!
*  tea parties
*  antique malls
*  Ginny's and Muffie's 
*  them old cotton fields back home
*  ww
*  Are you ready?  Yes, Im ready...
*  American Girl Dolls
*  Reality TV Dance Shows
*  friendship
* the dress up box
* soooo tired.
*  slip juice
*  and so so much more.

I hope you have a birthday filled with blessings :)  I love you so much!



  1. She is stunning! Happy birthday!

  2. Happy birthday to your mama! She looks so much like you (you look like her?) especially the drawing Moorea did of you...

  3. oh my goodness, she's quite the looker!! her hair is SO prettty.

  4. Happy belated birthday, STL-mom :)

    Oh my, she is GORGEOUS! LOVE HER!


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