26 November 2011

Small Saturday

Today is "Small Saturday!"
Today is a perfect reminder on why it is so important to support our local and independent businesses and crafting community.
I am doing my part today by hitting up our annual Rock and Roll Craft Show :)

It should be a lot of fun!
I have also had a blast searching through all of the amazing Links on our Merry Indie Christmas post!!  Your shops are amazing!!
Plus I have added over a hundred new blogs to my reader!!

Here are some of my favorite "small" online finds today :

1.  I adore anything called a "sister bracelet" and this one is just too perfect!
2.  I ordered some of these to top our Christmas presents this year!  These mulled cider bags sound delicious and look amazing :)

3.  These handmade stockings are just so perfect!  I love the southwestern feel of them and the lack of red and green.  I am so glad that I scored one of these before they were sold out!

4.  These Christmas Postcards are lovely and I may have to snag them for next year!!

5.  This is going to be a must have for our little one very soon!  How precious is this doll?

Oh geeze!!  Independent businesses and crafters and artisans have the most amazing things.  Giving gifts that you purchase from one of them or produce yourself is the way to go!!  Have fun today and show your support for the small!!


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  1. Thank you for hosting this weekend. I love helping local small shops. You can find some of the most precious little treasures. Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season.

  2. Those are all fabulous. *new follower from little gray pixel*
    Are you in the STL area? so bummed, thats where we are from, but no longer live there :/

  3. This is so fun! I love all local &/or small shops.

  4. this is the first year i'm hearing of this small business saturday, but i love the concept. also love all of the links you shared, especially that little doll!


  5. Love this post! And I love supporting the small business in my local area! :)

  6. ummm, are we doing anything about these sister bracelets?


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