19 November 2011

off with your head!

I finally have some photos from my mom's big surprise party :)
The theme was "Mad Hatter's Tea Party."
Here was the invitation (minus the blurred out info)

We had it backed on pretty card stock and then had had a real playing card hanging from this invite with a label that read: "Remember to wear your 'Maddest Hat' or it's off with your head."  We also had a little tag hanging with that that said, "Remember Me."  (like the drink me and eat me tags)
To get into the party you had to travel down the rabbit hole...

Once inside you have the table decorations which I wish we got better photos of because they were my favorite part!

We had over 50 tea cups, saucers, and teapots that scoured everywhere for.  Love!
The food and tea table:

Adorable "Mad Hats"

So, my mom thought that she, my sister, and I were all going out to lunch together for her party.  We do a ministry at my church where we have birthday parties for Foster Children.  I told my mom that I was setting up a birthday party all morning at church for the Foster kiddos.  My sister went and picked up my mom and then they were going to come pick me up at church.  Adam drove all of the party goer's cars down the way so that she wouldn't see them when they came.
So, they pulled up, and I ran out and asked them if they could run in quickly and see how cute the little birthday party looked. 
My mom was like, "It has to be quick Janel, our reservation is at 3!!"  I promised it would be quick :)  
They came in, and this is my mom when she walked through the rabbit hole...

She was so surprised!!! Plus, it was much better than a lunch out with us :)  Her best friend drove 6 hours just for the party so she was so excited about that.  It was a blast. A day we will all remember :)
Hopefully, the day proved to be as special to her, as she is to us.


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