16 September 2011

nursery news...

The past few days, I have been coming home from work and working like crazy in the nursery.  I just want this space to feel so loving for our little one once she gets here.  Almost every single aspect of this room (besides the furniture) is handmade and I am so happy about that.  I find if I have a few spare moments, Im using them to sew up a little toy, bib, or quilt.
I am in love with our baby so much and Ive never even met them!
Well, here is the progress that I have made this week...

And this is where I became a genius :)  Remember that this room is a tiny space in our tiny condo.  This is also somewhat of a shared space with two huge shelves of my craft/art supplies.  I knew that I would have to get rid of a lot of my things or store them at my parents house to make room for this nursery.  Both of those ideas just weren't going to work for me though because I actually use my supplies almost daily. So, I have been stressing and brainstorming like crazy on how to conceal all of my supplies in this room...
Two wall hooks + a long strand of wire+ two hemmed vintage sheets= the world's most beautiful fabric panel/curtain to cover the ugliness!!!

Plus I love the effect of having a "wallpaper" looking wall, without the wallpaper!!  
I seriously find myself in this room constantly, just staring at it, my heart swelling with love... 
I seriously can.not.wait.
I have a few more elements that I need to add for this room so check back later for my nursery wish list :)
I love you guys!!  Thank you for sharing in the excitement of all of this with me :)


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  1. i am so happy for you!!! i'm also really happy that your child will have awesome parents. its really rare to see really good parents nowadays. at least where i live. its so sad.

  2. Your nursery is sooo adorable! I need you to just come over and do mine. I haven't done any decorating. I'm lucky that we have the crib set up! haha!

  3. How cute is that! I ♥ the "wallpaper" look!

  4. this nursery looks so darling! i love the print of the "wall paper" and all of the cute little stuffed animals in the crib...you're doing an awesome job :)

  5. Thank you guys!! I hope the nursery is reflecting all of the love that Im putting in it :) xo


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