01 September 2011

little pins

Happy September 1!
The beginning of my favorite season! Yay!
(except for the fact that the high today is supposed to be 105 degrees...yuck)
Anyway, welcome to another edition of "Little Pins."

My favorite pin board on pintrest is my "Little Love" board.  This is the pin board where I put all of the cute little decor ideas, tutorials, DIYs, and fashion for little ones.  Here are some "little" pins that I am obsessed with as of late :)

I mean seriously, does it get any cuter than that? I don't think so :)
You can follow me on pintrest here.
Have a lovely day my friends and check back here later for my September goals post.


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  1. haha i just realized we have the same nav bar. gosh we're so cool. great minds think alike. : ) glad to see you got it back up!

    p.s. that little boy in glasses is beyond cute.

  2. oh wow. you just seriously cuted up my day!! i love the room design in the 3rd photo annnnd the little boy in glasses and nerdy clothes is my favourite!!! OMG so cute!!

    have i told you lately that you're going to make the BEST mum??

  3. The little boy in glasses and suspenders is adorable!!! have to repin!


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