14 September 2011


I kind of think it's so funny that everyone has their own little "Missoni" story. I'm not sure Target even knew how HUGE the Missoni line was going to be.
Anyway, I thought I would share mine here too :)
** Monday night I drove to Target in hopes of them putting things out early...that was a no go but I did get all of my grocery shopping done.
**  Starting at midnight, I was checking the Target site, refreshing for about 30 minutes until I saw the tweet saying that things wouldn't be ready to shop until the morning.
** 6:00 am I was on the site, shopping like crazy.  I get my things in my cart online, enter my billing information, check out, and BAM the site crashes mid checking out.  The site told me that since it crashed, I would need to try back later.  My assumption was that I didn't get anything that I wanted so my next stop was the local store.
(BTW- apparently they more order did go through AND they charged my card twice!)
** Left for my store at 7:30 and waited outside (in a line) for the store to open at 8:00.  This is so my scene.  I made so many cute friends in line, running around the store together, and throwing everything in their carts.
Here is a photo of one of my new friends with all of her Missoni swag :)
Love it!  She was so cute.
I had to be at work at 8:30 am so I shopped very quickly.
Here is what I scored...

 *  this throw was my MUST have item :)
 * love my little knit baby blanket for the soon to be.
And then I had my sister scope out her Target, later that day and pick me two more things for the little one :)  
So yeah, a fun little adventure, new friends, and cute stuff.
It was so crazy to see that the fashionistas of the world crashed the Target server for over 16 hours!!  I love it.
I also think it's crazy how much things are selling for on Ebay because of how fast they sold out of things in the stores and online.
Fun times.

Now I want to try my hand at this Missoni inspired Baby Blanket...
I need to get my crochet on!!


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  1. Aww love all your Missoni finds! Sad that it was released when I am unemployed and soooo poor.

    BTW... whatheheck? You only have 121 votes! Where is everyone?

  2. ahhh, i see. how come i hadn't heard about this till tonight?? love the line!

    P.S. a facebook friend said our Target was all sold out. crazy.

  3. WOW! You did well! You got the flats! I TOOOOTALLY wanted those, but by the time I made it there (after work) there were only kids sizes...boo...

    Janette the Jongleur

  4. It's so true....i wrote about it as well, and there was this little "bank of brothers" mentality that developed! I'm sooo jealous of your throw! and the cardigan.


    but i'm happy with what i scored!

    here's my account, comrade

  5. It's a good thing I live in such a small town - I went around 1pm and there was only ONE other "Excited Target Shopper with Overflowing Missoni Basket" and most inventory was still on the shelves!! But then all around me in the social world, people were going nuts!!!! Too funny!

    You deserved to get your good finds!! ;)

  6. Aww, great scores! I love it all, so pretty :)

  7. Ha! I had a feeling you were probably one of those shoppers - how funny! I saw it on the news. They said it was like black Friday!

  8. YOu could so make that blanket! ripple blankets are easy to make!! ;) the blog www.attic24.typepad.com has a wonderful tutorial that I use everytime! love it!

  9. I too love your Missoni finds. So glad the M movement is going strong.

  10. @Heather- we may have to have a Skype date so you can help me :)


Thank you so much for commenting!! xo