20 September 2011

collecting collections

For the past couple of weeks, my mom and a few of friends, had been cruising all over Europe.  The were in London, France, Ireland, Iceland, and Canada.  My mom knows my souvenir style, I am a lover of tchotchke souvenirs :)  My most favorite tchotchke is the plastic souvenir snow globe.
They are actually becoming harder and harder to find, which is sad, because they are moving towards the more fancy resin and glass ones.
I try and make sure to pick one up from every place that I travel to.  I have been collecting them since high school...
So, here are my pressies from her trip:

I also have one from Iceland but the photo of it didn't turn out :(
My snow globe collection is quite large.
So large that I have had to move it from our house and into my classroom.
The students love to shake them so it works out good for everyone...

And here they are all together on the bookshelf...

Insane right?!
See...that is why I said this dress was totally me and perfect for my soon to be!!

Love it!!
So yeah, I collect collections :)

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  1. I actually just heard about the book ish... today. Love the collection.

  2. aw! that dress is perfect for her!


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