17 September 2011

misha lulu LOVE

"Misha Lulu is a family owned and operatd fashion brand founded by Joe and Karen Salazer.  Karen is a native from El Savador and Joe Salazer live in South Pasadena with their muse Isabela.  Inspired by their faith, Latin culture and childhood memories, Misha Lulu is a Retro-modern infant and toddler brand. They use art, nature and family as the foundation of their apparel collection."

So, I for one, am head over heels in love with this brand.
If I had the means, I would buy every single piece in this collection for my little miss. Not only are the pieces incredibly unique, and beautiful, I love the story of the designers and I LOVE how their faith and Latin roots inspire their pieces!!
love love LOVE.
Here is a peak at some of my FAVORITE pieces...

and seriously what I wouldn't give for this dress...
This dress SCREAMS me and I wish more than anything to have it for my little someday girl.  I give you...
The Souvenir Dress:

A girl can dream right?  Seriously, who wants to be my best friend :)?
All of these dresses (and images) can be found HERE and of course on the Misha Lulu site as well :)

Dear Misha Lulu,
I love you.
Janel and Baby 

Adorable right?
Do you have any favorite baby brands? I would love to check them out so let me know!

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