09 September 2011

hello weekend

I am so excited about this weekend.  My sister and I are having our yearly girls weekend at the Lake :)  We are staying at a scrap-booking B&B.  Im not too much of a scrap-booker these days but I do like to create my own style of mini books out of recycled materials.
I think I am going to make a baby book of sorts and also work on my journal for my "I will Fall for you" journaling class coming up!!
My most favorite parts of this trip are:
1.  spending time with my sister (of course)
2.  the food that is OH SO delicious
3.  all of the great antique malls that we hit on the way there
4.  the huge outlet mall
5.  the peaceful atmosphere that comes with staying on a lake.

The fun starts at noon :)

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