22 September 2011

another survey :)

So, you all really came through for me with help on the rugs!
I'm set on which one I am going to get now :)
Next thing that I need help with is a large print for the blank space on this wall:

(to the left of the curtain)
It's pretty much the only free wall space that we have and I don't want it to be too busy so I thought one Large print would be perfect.
Unfortunately, there is so much cuteness to choose from!
Anyway, here are a few that I have favorited so far.
Which print do you think would look best in that space?
please help!

1.  I like the idea of having an alphabet chart in a nursery and this one has a sweet vintage feel to it.

2.  I am a HUGE Banksy fan so this one would be perfect! Plus, you can customize it to be printed in any color that you want. (Mine will not be red :D)
(but in a coordinating color)

3.  I love foxes.  We have some that run around our subdivision.  Plus the color scheme is lovely and perfect for the nursery.

4.  Sherlock Holmes retired to be a bee keeper so this one has a special place in my heart.  Plus, I like honey, and I used to buy jewelry with bees on it because my students would call me Miss B. (before I was married).

5.  I just love this, the color, the artist, it's all so lovely.

6.  Again, Ashley G. is just amazing and her color schemes seem to really go with what I have.  My only concern is that her prints don't come really big?

7.  Another Ashley G :)

8. and another Ashely G :)  Plus it's kind of like our little girl and Catalina right?

Ok, any suggestions and votes and comments would be GREATLY appreciated.  It's crazy how much finding a perfect piece of art can stress a girl out!
Also, if you have any other suggestions of artwork, I would LOVE to hear/see them too!

thank you!

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  1. I would go for the alphabet or the fox.

  2. #3 & #8 are my faves.

  3. I like the fox with the flowers.

  4. The fox would be my first choice, the alphabet is second.

  5. #3, I love the fox and the colors are perfect!

  6. #2 banksy. this may confuse you even more janel, we all like different ones.

  7. ah i'm so in love with this post. I have been looking for cool art work for my sisters nursery and this helps I have to say to go with the bees :) i love the watercolor hive.

  8. i love the fox and the hearts print! they seem more like you. does that seem weird that i'm saying that? haha, cause i don't know you at all! just basing it off of what your blog gives off. hahaha

  9. definitely the animal alphabet. those characters are precious.

  10. oh my word....i really and truly can't decide. i'm sorry, that doesn't help in the least!! just know that you'll be making a good choice either way as they are all SO adorable!!

    i guess if i HAD to choose, i really love the fox one and the alphabet one...i like the idea of an alphabet chart in a nursery as well.

  11. The alphabet is darling, but with your two floral curtains it seems it would be too busy. I would go with the little girl and cat (it evens out with the cute dolls you have) and is in more of a 'block' style (if that makes sense) or the fox! Hope this helps.


Thank you so much for commenting!! xo